What is it?

An app for mindfulness/meditation.


An awesome app on mindfulness I’ve been using for a couple of months now. It’s a sort of contemporary guided meditation on how to sit back and observe your thoughts and let them do their thing while you have a break. It’s not your usual run-of-the-mill “now relax and don’t think about anything while we play some soothing sounds” type – instead a man with a wonderfully calm and soothing voice (no it’s not Morgan Freeman but could you imagine if it was? Why doesn’t he do guided meditation? I think he’s really missing out on a niche here) talks you through what to think about and how to relax and step back to observe the traffic of thoughts without getting caught up in it.

It genuinely leaves my head feeling clear and fresh in a way nothing else does and even helps me go to sleep when I’m having trouble. I usually do it lying down instead of sitting as he recommends, and at night before I go to sleep (sometimes I end up actually falling asleep midway but so what? It’s all about relaxing, right?) rather than in the morning or during the day but I’m a true believer of “you do you” and I find it really works for me the way I do it.

I actually haven’t purchased the full subscription yet but the free sessions are fantastic and I probably will once I run out of free sessions.

I just can’t recommend this app enough.

Rating: 5/5


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  1. My favourite too. Love the funny animations and the beautiful metaphors. Another really good guided meditation app is 10% Happier – they also offer some free beginners sessions. But the one I have been using for more than half a year now is Simple Habit. It has huge variety of meditation topics, lots of free stuff, different lengths and modes. There is always something new and they have managed to keep me practicing almost daily for 7-8 months. Strongly recommend it!

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