Who is John Galt?

My name isn’t John Galt but props for getting the Atlas Shrugged reference (double props if you got that the name of this blog refers to Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – a Douglas Adams classic)! My name is Ana Shopova and I am a serious believer of not taking anything too seriously.

I am an avid science fiction reader, good food eater, black coffee drinker, knowledge seeker, rule breaker, and serial traveler, currently residing in Sydney.

I work as a Learning Experience Consultant at a global Digital Transformation company called Squiz (I know, how often is it that what someone does is this complete a mystery even after they’ve told you?), which basically means I solve lots of different problems in our company by designing new and original “learning experiences” for people and teams (most often on little to no budget). This means taking the information that people need to know to solve their problem, or improve their ability to complete whatever task they have set their mind to, and creating a way to present it to them so they will not only understand it and be able to apply it but also remember it for years to come.

The degree I’m doing is equally as hipster sounding – Bachelor of Sustainability, Community Engagement and Development, and if you ask me what it’s about I’m going to struggle to summarise it because it’s a brand new field and approaches Social Sustainability in a way that hasn’t really been done before. I guess in one sentence I’d say it’s about understanding people. Both individually and in various sizes of groups. It involves a lot of conflict resolution and exploration into the motivators behind people’s actions, as well as ergonomic solutions to practical problems. Basically, it’s pretty damn sweet.

I also tend to travel quite a bit with my mother Izabela Shopova, who is a travel writer – you can read about our adventures in English in her book East in Eden (unfortunately, the rest are only available in Bulgarian), as well as her blog ReuseDesign – go check it out!

Our next big trip will be at the end of March 2018, where we will be making our way from Santiago to Bogota by local transport – you can read our blog here: link coming soon!

I am always looking for opportunities to grow my portfolio and love to provide my services outside of my current employment. To see samples of my work including Induction Experiences, Sales Training, and Timesheet Completion Solutions, contact me to find out if my style is right for you or your business.

You can contact me on ana.shopova.me@gmail.com or LinkedIn.


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