Wes Cecil


What is it?

Podcasts (lectures), seminars, and texts by Dr. Wes Cecil.


Dr. Wes Cecil received his Bachelor of Arts from Fresno State University in English after taking classes in a wide variety of disciplines. He then studied literature and critical theory at Indiana University where he earned his MA and PhD. In his own words, by this time he had become somewhat disenchanted by large institutions and retreated to Port Townsend Washington where he continues studying, gardening and engaging in wide-ranging projects.

Wes has a few amazing lecture series on:

  • Philosophers
  • The Humane Arts
  • Languages and Literatures
  • Myths of the American Mind
  • Forgotten Thinkers
  • The Uses of Philosophy for Living
  • The Ancients

As well as full seminars on Friedrich Nietzsche, William James, The Pre-Socratic Philosophers, and Karl Marx.

This is hands down my favourite ever podcast – he is funny, clever and on point. Each lecture is about one hour long, which seems like a lot but honestly, they are so engaging, informative and entertaining the time flies by and you come out with a thorough understanding of things you never knew you needed to know but now can’t imagine living without knowing.

Wes Cecil changed my whole life for the better and I hope he changes yours too.

Rating: 5/5


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