What is Holistic Learning?

Let me spare you the diagrams, methodologies, flowcharts, technical breakdowns and pyramid structures. The way I see it, holistic learning is all about discovering how to connect all the different areas of your life with your goals – every goal we have affects every area of our lives, yet we compartmentalise to no end.

I need to get better at time-management to get that promotion at work.

I should learn French for my trip.

I want to know how to maintain my house, so I don’t have to pay someone to do it.

We love to convince ourselves that the reasons behind why we want to do things are perfectly logical and straight forward, yet we usually fail to consider the other motivational factors that might be driving us, even if they are actually stronger than the reasons we have chosen.

Unfortunately, not being honest with yourself (even subconsciously) about why you want to do something can be your downfall. Maintaining your motivation is the hardest part of achieving anything and it becomes almost impossible if the reason you have told yourself you want to achieve something isn’t what’s really motivating you. You start off well, but the moment things get difficult, all of a sudden imagining yourself in the new job just doesn’t seem to be giving you that lift of energy, having that imaginary conversation with a French waiter seems almost pointless (after all, they all speak English), and saving a bit of money just doesn’t seem worth all the trouble to go through to learn plumbing.

But what if the reason you can’t find the motivation to keep going has nothing to do with the goal itself and everything to do with how you justify spending the energy on it instead?

What if you want to have better time-management skills because being organised and ordered brings you contentment and satisfaction?

What if you want to learn French because you just want to feel more interesting?

What if you want to know how to fix your sink (even badly) because it gives you a sense of independence and confidence?

All of these reasons are holistic reasons because they affect every area of your life – you want to learn because you want to change and better yourself as a whole. Identifying the ‘why’ means identifying who you want to be as a person rather than just what you want to do. How you do that is completely up to you; there is no single way or set of instructions to tell you how to do it, and that’s actually the fun part!

Learning about yourself through trial and experimentation is an exceptionally rewarding experience and there is no wrong way to do it.

In this blog, I document my journey with Holistic Learning, what works for me (and doesn’t), as well as share short stories from my life, projects I work on, quotes I love, and evaluate products, articles, websites, and platforms I encounter.

If you would like to reach out with recommendations, feedback or even problems you would like advice on how to to approach holistically, you can contact me on LinkedIn or email ana.shopova.me@gmail.com

I would love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!


One thought on “What is Holistic Learning?

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  1. Good thoughts on seeking the clarity of the desires that drive us.
    It’s important to question everything, starting with “What or whom made me think this was something I wanted?”
    Sometimes, one will find the desire evaporates when dragged into this light, and we can define those things that are truly important to us.
    A short, well-defined list is a blessing on the journey.
    Avoid the distractions of chimeras.

    Seek peace,


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