I’m Getting Published!

A couple of months ago I was feeling creative and ended up writing a dark, sci-fi poem out of the blue (I don’t usually write poetry or even sci-fi). Feeling like I need to actually do something with it rather than just let it sit there and get forgotten, in a burst of misplaced motivation, I submitted it to about 30 different magazines that fit the theme. This resulted in the great rejection waterfall of 2017.

Rejection after rejection email kept coming in until I became so demotivated I decided to stop checking that account. I’d come back to it later, after overcoming the other stress factors in my life which had piled up in the meantime.

Yesterday, wrapped in the pleasant hazy fog of holiday booze and relaxation, I decided to finally check that account.

A single email sat in my inbox:

Hi Ana, 
Congratulations on your poem’s acceptance. 
Your poem is cleverly written and I am not proposing any edits – well done. 
Reviewers have provided the following comments:
   This poem had excellent rhythm and a simple but effective concept.
We’d like to publish your story in Issue #70 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (to be published 1/3/18).
Please find attached a contract and the formatted version of your poem – kindly email back the signed contract asap. 
Eugen Bacon

Go figure!

Naturally, I’m 15 days late accepting the contract but the kind folk at Andromeda Spaceways Magazine seem to be more that accommodating.

So there it is! I’m getting published!

You can read the poem below:

They Come

They come, my dear, he whispered near,
They come in hordes with sugared swords,
With bated breath and beating drums,
They come, they come, they come, they come.
They come, my love, glance far above,
They come in throngs with sleepless songs,
With snarling smiles and screeching hearts,
They come, they come, they come, they come.
They come, my sweet, fall at their feet,
They come in swarms with thunderous storms,
With thieving thoughts and thrumming strides,
They come, they come, they come, they come.
They come, my sun, we must not run,
They come in drives with lovely knives,
With gilded gaze and glory pride,
They come, they come, and now they’re here.


10 thoughts on “I’m Getting Published!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m a bit of a literacy geek and for me it’s actually more about the structure and the rhythm than the content, so I was trying to make it sound like the last line is the rhythm of their marching steps as they come – I’m glad that comes across well! 😀


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