Who is John Galt?

My name isn't John Galt but props for getting the Atlas Shrugged reference (double props if you got that the name of this blog refers to Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - a Douglas Adams classic)! My name is Ana Shopova and I am a serious┬ábeliever of not taking anything too seriously. I am an... Continue Reading →

HeadSpace What is it? An app for mindfulness/meditation. Review An awesome app on mindfulness I've been using for a couple of months now. It's a sort of contemporary guided meditation on how to sit back and observe your thoughts and let them do their thing while you have a break. It's not your usual run-of-the-mill... Continue Reading →

What is Holistic Learning?

Let me spare you the diagrams, methodologies, flowcharts, technical breakdowns and pyramid structures. The way I see it, holistic learning is all about discovering how to connect all the different areas of your life with your goals...

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